My name is Michal Elizabeth Hunt. I am the author and director of www.AgapeBibleStudy.com, a service offering in-depth Catholic Bible studies which faithfully hold to the teachings of the Universal Magisterium of the Catholic Church. My work as a lecturer and adult catechist is the fruit of a labor that spans over 30 years of intense biblical and historical studies. Agape Bible Study was first developed for the students in my home parish who were constantly requesting my classroom notes, but today the classroom students come from many different parishes and the on-line students come from across the world.

As a historian I try to bring a unique historical perspective to the study of Sacred Scripture. I include historical documents from such varied sources as 1st century Jewish and Roman historians, the historical writings of the Fathers of the Church, the documents of the various historical Ecumenical Councils and Papal encyclicals, as well as references to recent Church encyclicals, the documents from Vatican II, and references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It is my goal to present biblical studies in the context of God's unfolding plan of salvation in the history of man.

In the general audience held in St. Peter's Square on May 11, 2005, the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, preached a message of hope by reminding the faithful of God's divine intervention in human history. Pope Benedict told the circa 17,000 people present: "History is not in the hands of dark forces, of chance, or of merely human choices. The Lord, supreme arbiter of historical events, rises above the discharge of evil energies, the vehement onslaught of Satan, the emergence of plagues and wickedness. He knowingly guides history to the dawn of the new heaven and the new earth, as mentioned in the last part of the book [of Revelation] in the image of the New Jerusalem." I hope you will join me in the great adventure of exploring God's plan as revealed to His Church through the divinely inspired written word of Sacred Scripture.

Yours in Christ,
Michal Elizabeth Hunt  ><>