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"The God of ordinary days and extraordinary graces, has created time itself that mankind might better grasp the mystery of His plan of salvation and its gradual unfolding through ordained events which point to the mercy and majesty of the Most Holy Trinity."
Michal Hunt, Feast of the Exultation of the Cross, September, 1998

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Gospel of John

This 22 lesson study of the fourth Gospel is the authoritative account of Jesus' three year ministry witnessed by the "Beloved Disciple". If the Synoptic Gospels give us the bones and flesh of Jesus the Son of God in His earthly ministry then John's Gospel gives us the Spirit of Jesus, the promised Messiah who is God come in the flesh to redeem mankind "He who saw it has borne witness'his testimony is true" [John 19:35].

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

This is a 25 lesson study of the book of Revelation, also known as the Apocalypse. It is the last of all the books of the Bible and the only prophetic book in the New Testament. This book records what Jesus Christ revealed to His servant John of the unfolding events of the creation of the New Covenant which will climax in the return of Christ the King and the Final Judgment of mankind.

Letter to the Hebrews

This is a fourteen lesson study of the New Testament letter that provides the key to understanding the liturgical significance of the Old Covenant as it prepared the way for the New.

Letter of James

This is a nine lesson study of the Letter of Saint James. St. James was the kinsman of Jesus of Nazareth and first Christian Bishop of the Church in Jerusalem. In his letter to the "12 tribes" of Israel living in the Gentile world, he calls God's holy people into the New Covenant in Christ by offering them a teaching that is consistent with the Old Law of Moses but framed in the context of the New Law of Jesus Christ.

Letter of Jude

This one lesson study of St. Jude's short letter to the Universal Church announces that he is the servant of Jesus Christ and the brother of St. James. His message is one of encouragement to Christians, urging them to pursue right doctrine and to reject false teaching.

St. Paul's Letter to the Romans

This is an 18 lesson study of Saint Paul's Letter to the Romans. With the exception of the four Gospels, no other document has had greater influence on Christianity than Paul's letter to the Romans. Touching all aspects of Christianity's major theological themes, this letter speaks as powerfully to Christian men and women today as it did when Paul first wrote it to the 1st century AD Christians of Rome.

Salvation History

This is a 28 lesson study of God's plan for the salvation of humanity from Genesis to the birth of the New Covenant Church as it unfolded in human time and through God ordained events. "The history of salvation is being accomplished in the midst of the history of the world." Pope Paul VI

The Eight Last Things

This eight lesson study looks into the "last things" that will concern you when you cross the threshold into eternity. From the moment of death to the new creation of heaven and earth at the end of time the eight things covered in the is study are of concern for all of Humanity.

Sermon on the Mount

This 10 lesson study of Jesus' great homily, known as the Sermon on the Mount, lays the framework for the perfect precepts of the New Covenant Law written on the hearts of New Covenant believers that was promised by the Prophet Jeremiah in the 6th century BC. Jesus' sermon will set the standards by which Christian life and character is molded.
The Beatitudes:
The Son of God's sermon on the "holy mountain" in the Galilee will mark a rendezvous in time every bit as significant as God's first great rendezvous with Israel at the "holy mountain" in the desert of the Sinai in which God formed Israel into the holy people of the Old Covenant Church'an event the Old Covenant people celebrated each year as the Feast of Pentecost and the New Covenant people celebrate as the birth of the New Covenant Church!

How to Study the Books of the Old Testament Prophets

This short study provides the keys to unlock the mysteries of the writings of the Old Testament Prophets of Yahweh. Many readers of Sacred Scripture find the books of the Prophets so full of bizarre literary imagery that the reader begins to feel lost in the maze of words and symbolism, but it is the symbolic and poetic messages of the prophets that link the Torah of Moses and the books of Bible History to the prophecies that will be fulfilled in the Incarnation of Jesus the Messiah in the New Testament.


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