Tabernacle /"Tent" in the wilderness --> Temple in Jerusalem


  Tabernacle/"Tent" of our earthly bodies --> God's heavenly Jerusalem

"..for we are well aware that when the tent that houses us on earth is folded up, there is a house for us from God, not made by human hands, but everlasting, in the heavens."
1Corinthians 5:1


The 5 laments sung over the "Great City"

1. Revelation 18:2-3 The messenger who illuminates the earth
2. Revelation 18:9-10 The kings of the earth
3. Revelation 18:11-17a The merchants of the earth
4. Revelation 18:17b-19 The seamen of the earth
5. Revelation 18:20-24 The Church



Those who are influenced by, corrupted by, and mourn over the "Great City"

Revelation 17:15 Revelation 18:3 Revelation 18:9-19
Populations Nations Kings
Nations Kings Merchants
Languages Merchants Seafarers


The 5 Part Lament of the Church versus the Temple function and liturgy

The 5 Part Lament of the Church
1. Music: harpists, minstrels, flute players, trumpeters
2. Productivity of the people: craftsmen
3. Productivity of the land: millers
4. God's word: the light of the lamp in you
5. Covenantal union: the voice of the Bridegroom and the Bride

The Temple Function and Liturgy
1. Music: the Levitical orchestra and choir's function in the liturgy (1Chronicles 25)
2. Craftsmen: Bezalel, Oholiah, Hiram, etc. who built the Temple (see Exodus 31:1-11 &                                                            I Kings chapter 5)
3. Mill: the Temple itself = the "threshing floor" (see 2Chronicles 3:1)
4. Lamp: the Lampstand(s) that symbolized the Presence of God in the Temple (see                                                                        Exodus 25:31-40 & 2 Chronicles 4:19-22)
5. Marriage: the marriage of Yahweh and Israel (see Ezekiel 16:1-14)

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