The Repetition of Revelation 5:6-11 in Revelation 14:1-5

Revelation 14:1-5

Revelation 5:6-11

v. 1 "..I saw Mt. Zion and standing on it the Lamb" v. 6 "..then I saw...a Lamb standing"
v. 2 " was like the sound of harpists playing their harps." v. 8 "..each one of them was holding a harp."
v. 3 "..before the throne they were singing a new hymn.." v. 8 & 9 "..the One sitting on the throne......They sang a new hymn:"
v. 4 "...they follow the Lamb...redeemed to be the first fruits for God and the Lamb." v. 9 "You bought people for God of every race, language, people, and nation.."

The Law of Anticipation Theory

These actions (visions) are anticipated in one chapter and revealed or paralleled in a following chapter:

Rev. chapter 13 (the 2 Beasts) is anticipated in: Chapter 11:1-13 (the 2 witnesses)
Rev. chapter 17-19 (Babylon the great prostitute) is anticipated in: Chapter 14:8 (fallen Babylon)
Rev. chapter 16 (the 7 cups of wrath) is anticipated in: Chapter 14: 10 (the cup of retribution)
Rev. chapter 19:17-21 (defeat of the Beast) is anticipated in: Chapter 16:12-14 (Beast's forces preparing for war)
Rev. chapters 21-22 (the New Jerusalem) anticipated in: Chapter 19:7-9 (the reign of the Christ)  

The Angels, Christ, and the Harvest

Chapter 14:6-20 is divided into 7 sections, which is a vision of the glorified Christ who is flanked on each side by 3 angels.  This is the transition between the Trumpet-visions, which were the proclamations of judgment, and the Chalice-visions, which are the applications of God's judgment.

v. 6 Angel #1: announces the Gospel
v. 8 Angel #2: announces "Babylon has fallen"
v. 9 Angel #3: announces judgment against those who follow the Beast
v. 14 CHRIST: as seen in Daniel 7:13 but with a crown and a sickle in His hand
v. 15 Angel #1: shouts to Christ that the harvest of the earth is ripe
v. 17 Angel #2: comes out of the Temple in heaven and carries a sharp sickle in his hand
v. 18 Angel #3: in charge of the fire of God's altar shouts to the Angel with the sharp sickle to begin the harvest of the grapes of the earth from the Vineyard.

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