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King of Israel: 2 Samuel 2:4 Commits adultery with Bathsheba who becomes pregnant: 2 Samuel 11:4-11:5
Conquers Jerusalem: 2 Samuel 5:3 David arranges Uriah's murder  2 Samuel 11:17
Brings the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem: 2 Samuel 5:7 David confesses and repents his sin but Bathsheba's child dies 2 Samuel 12:10, 13, 19
God makes a Covenant with David: His throne will last forever: 2 Samuel 7:16 David fails to discipline his sons. His son Amnon commits incest and is murdered by David's son Absalom. 2 Samuel 13:14-29
David defeats the Philistines: 2 Samuel 8:1 Absalom forms a rebellion in an attempt to usurp the throne; even David's trusted counselors desert him.  2Samuel 16-17
David defeats Moab, Ammon and Syria, and brings peace to Israel: 2 Samuel 8:2- 10:19 David's "beloved son" is murdered and David's throne is restored. 2 Samuel 18:14, 15
God called David a man after God's own heart in 1 Samuel 13:14.  Even though David sinned he always returned to God.  His will was completely committed to the will of God and as God's "beloved" [the meaning of his name] he was used by God to perform mighty acts for the sake of His covenant people, Israel. David ignores the advice of Nathan the prophet and takes a census which results in a plague. 2Samuel 24:2-15
David anoints his son Solomon, King of Israel  

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