Matthew 1:1-17

-The Hebrew gematria for Abraham's name is 808

-The Hebrew gematria for David's name is 14 (double spiritual perfection)

-The Greek gematria for Jesus' name (language of New Testament) is 888 (8= salvation)

-Abraham's name is mentioned 7 times in Matthew (spiritual perfection) and 3 times in    Matthew's toledoth.  3 is fullness and completion and in NT trinity.

-David's name is mentioned 5 times in Matthew's toledoth.  5 is the number of grace.


Matthew manipulates the names of Abraham's descendants into 3 sets of 14 individual male descendants or as he tells us in Matthew 1:17 "The sum of generations is therefore: fourteen from Abraham to David; fourteen from David to the Babylonian deportation; and fourteen from the Babylonian deportation to Christ."  He manipulates the list to get 3 sets of 14 generations each to create 42 names in the list of the descendants of Abraham to bring attention to the link between the names and the covenant promise to Abraham and David by Yahweh. David's name is # 14 in the list and the gematria of his name is the number 14.  The number 42 also has significance.  42 divided by 12, the number of Israel, yields 3 ½.  This is a prophetic number in both Daniel chapter 12 and in the Book of Revelation.  See Daniel 12: 1-13 (focus on verse 7 which adds up to 3 ½ ).  3 ½ is half of 7.  It is an imperfect number. Note: both St. Jerome and Pope St Gregory the Great wrote extensively about gematria and its significance in Scripture.  Sir Isaac Newton wrote more about gematria and numbers in Scripture than he did about the theory of gravity. 


Set #1      List of names in Matthew chapter 1's genealogy of Jesus of Nazareth:

1.   Abraham      fathered          Issac

2.   Isaac fathered          Jacob

3.   Jacob          fathered          Judah

4.   Judah           fathered          Perez   

                                                            additional name of Zerub and Tamar (woman #1)

5.   Perez fathered         Hezron            

6.   Hezron fathered         Ram

7.   Ram fathered         Amminadab

8.   Amminadab fathered           Nahshon

9.   Nahshon fathered         Salmon

10. Salmon fathered         Boaz

                                                            Rahab (woman #2)

11.  Boaz fathered         Obed

                                                            Ruth (woman #3)

12.  Obed fathered         Jesse

13.  Jesse fathered

14.    David

There are 14 individual male names

            There are 27 total male names (repeats and counting Zerub's name)

            There are 3 names of gentile women

Total names:         30 names (note :it was necessary to add Zerub's name to make 30 names) .

Set #2

      David fathered        Solomon      Uriah's wife   (note: David's name is repeated)

1.   Solomon fathered        Rehoboam

2.   Rehoboam fathered        Abijah

3.   Abijah fathered        Asa

4.   Asa fathered        Jehoshaphat

5.   Jehoshophat  fathered         Joram

6.   Joram fathered        Uzziah      (3 missing kings: by intention not by error)

7.   Uzziah fathered        Jotham

8.   Jothan            fathered        Ahaz

9.   Ahaz fathered        Hezekiah

10. Hezekiah fathered        Manassah

11. Manasseh fathered        Amon

12. Amon fathered        Josiah

13. Josiah fathered       

14 Jehoniah                  deportation to Babylon

            There are 14 names of individuals (no repeats)

            There are 29 names of males total if you include Uriah

            There is      1 female mentioned but not counted because unnamed (the wife of Uriah = 4th gentile woman?  4 is the number of the earth)


Set #3 [after the deportation to Babylon -notice no restoration is mentioned]

1.   Jechoniah       fathered        Shealtiel

2.   Shealtiel fathered        Zerubbabel

3.   Zerubbabel    fathered         Abiud

4.   Abiud fathered        Eliakim

5.   Eliakim fathered        Azor

6.   Azor fathered        Zadok

7.   Zadok fathered        Achim

8.   Achim fathered        Eliud

9.   Eliud fathered        Eleazar

10. Eleazar fathered        Matthan

11. Mattham         fathered        Jacob

12. Jacob fathered        Joseph

13. Joseph            husband of   Mary (the 5th woman) mother of

14.    Jesus  the Christ    (bringing true restoration to Israel)

Matthew manipulates the list by counting Jechoniah twice in order to get 14 generations in the final set.  Jesus' name is the 14th generation but if you count all the names without repeats Mary's name is the 14th name with Jesus name coming after 6 sets of 7 as the 7th 7.   There are 27 names total in this set.


The total of all the names given in each set is 86.  8 is the number of salvation, 80 the number of salvation x divine order (10), and 6 is the number of man.  Matthew's message is that Jesus is the Messiah, the son of David and the King of Kings who has come to bring salvation to Israel and to mankind.

Michal Hunt 1998/ revised 2003



Recommended Reading:

1.      The Handbook of Biblical Chronology, Jack Finegan; Hendrickson Publishers

2.      Numbers in Scripture: Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance, E.W. Bullinger; Kregel Publications.

3.      The Stromata, Clement of Alexandria; Ante-Nicene Fathers: Volume 2; Hendrickson Publishers.


Michal E. Hunt June 2000

Revised May 2003

Revised July 2003