TIME LINE 30 – 70 AD




-Yeshua the Nazorean is executed by the Romans.  Three days later He rises from the dead.  40 days after His Resurrection He ascends to the Father.

-Fifty days after the Resurrection (ten days after the Resurrection), on the Jewish Feast of Weeks (called the Feast of Pentecost by Greek culture Jews) God the Holy Spirit descends upon and indwells the disciples waiting in the Upper Room.  It is the Second Great Pentecost and the birth of the New Covenant Church

33 ? 34

-Stephen is martyred. Christian persecution by Jews intensifies


-Peter is Bishop of Antioch for 7 years


-Roman Emperor Tiberius smothered to hasten his death


-Emperor Caligula assassinated and succeeded by Claudius

42 –67

-Peter goes to Rome to establish the headquarters of the Universal (Catholic)

-James the Just is Bishop of JerusalemChurch


-Roman Emperor Claudius initiates conquest of Britain.

-Paul's conversion

46 - 67

-Paul's missionary journeys

49 – 50

-Council of Jerusalem


- Emperor Claudius poisoned by his wife and succeeded by her son Nero


- Nero orders the death of his mother


- Nero murders his wife and marries Poppaea, a Jewish sympathizer. 

- Queen Boudicca's revolt in Britian


-Parthians revolt against Rome.

- James Bishop of Jerusalem martyred


-Great fire of Rome.  Rome begins persecution of Christians


-Nero murders his pregnant wife Poppaea


-Roman procurator of Judea, Gessius Florus, murders 3,600 Jews (crucifying circa 2,000) in May.  May – Oct. Christians flee Judea.

-Jewish Revolt against Rome begins with massacre of Jerusalem Roman garrison in Oct.

-Roman gentiles of Caesarea kill 20,000 Jews

-Jewish army defeats and massacres the Roman garrison at Masada

-Gentiles of Damascus, Syria massacre 10,000 Jews

-Roman occupied cities across Judea, Samaria, Egypt, Syria,& Asia attack Jews.

-Roman General Cestius Gallus' army defeated  in Nov. and driven out

-Jews fight each other; 3 different factions.  Each leader claims to be 'messiah.'

-Numerous earthquakes


-General Vespasian & son Titus come across the Euphrates River; arrive in Judea from Syria with 4 Roman legions to destroy the Jewish revolt.

-Peter and Paul executed in Rome (some time between 64-67?)

-Revolts against Rome in Gaul & Spain -Peter & Paul executed in Rome (some time between 64-67?)

68 - 69

-"The Year of Four Emperors" Nero commits suicide and is succeeded by Galba, Otho, and Vitellius who is succeeded by General Vespasian.  Vespasian is named Emperor by Roman Senate

-Roman army destroys Qumran (community where Dead Sea Scrolls found)


-General Titus begins siege of Jerusalem in March.  It lasts 3 ˝ months.  The 9th of Ab: the Temple and Jerusalem are destroyed by the Roman army.  Jewish historian Josephus estimated the dead of Jerusalem at 1,197,000. 

- Jews who survive revolt are sold into slavery

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