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The Last Seven Signs of the Book of Revelation

The Last 7 Signs of Revelation

1. The Woman clothed with the sun Revelation 12:1 "a great sign"
2. The great red Dragon (Satan) Revelation 12:3 "second sign"
3. The signs performed by the Land Beast with horns like a lamb Revelation 13:13 "it worked great miracles (signs)"
4. The Land Beast whose power comes from the Sea Beast Revelation 13:14 "Through the miracles (signs) which it was allowed to do..."
5. The 7 Angel/Ministers with 7 chalices full of plagues Revelation 15:1 "I saw in heaven another sign, great and wonderful:"
6. The spirits of demons signs Revelation 16:14 "demon spirits, able to work miracles (signs)..."
7. The False Prophet's signs Revelation 19:20 "the false prophet who had worked miracles (signs)..."