Age of the Patriarchs

The Fathers of the Church saw the Unnamed Servant of Genesis chapter 24 as symbolic of God the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the only person of the Holy Trinity who does not have a personal name.  Compare the major players in this narrative with the Most Holy Trinity and the Church:

Just Father Abraham God the Father Yahweh
Righteous Son Isaac Jesus the Son
Servant Unnamed Servant Holy Spirit
The Bride Rebecca The Church

God continues the 3-fold Abrahamic Covenant:

First Generation Second Generation Third Generation
Abraham Isaac Jacob
Land: 12:2; 15:7, 18; 17:8; 22:17 Land: 26:3 Land: 28:13; 35:12
Descendants 12:2; 15:4-5; 17:2-6; 22:17 Descendants: 26:3 Descendants: 28:14; 35:10
World-wide blessing 12:2; 22:18 World-wide blessing: 26:4 World-wide blessing: 28:14

Jacob/Israel's Twelve sons and one daughter*

LEAH'S SONS Leah's servant
RACHEL'S SONS Rachel's servant
Ruben #1 Gad # 7 Joseph #11 Dan #5
Simeon #2 Asher #8 Benjamin #12 Naphtali #6
Levi #3      
Judah #4      
Issachar #9      
Zebulun #10      

*A daughter, Dinah, was born to Leah after Zebulum and before Joseph.


The Fathers of the Church saw Joseph son of Jacob as a "type" of Christ. What similarities can you see between Joseph and Jesus?

1. Joseph escapes death by going into Egypt. 1. Jesus escapes death by going into Egypt
2. >He is betrayed by his brothers, the sons of Jacob/Israel. 2. Jesus is betrayed by his brothers, the sons of Israel--the Jews.
3. Joseph's brothers believed he was dead but he was found to be alive. 3. Jesus was believed to be dead but He was Resurrected from the dead.
4. Joseph is the beloved son of Jacob 4. Jesus is the beloved Son of God

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