The Prophet Daniel received these prophecies from the late 7th century to the mid 6th century BC.  The 3 Visions concern 4 historical empires that succeeded each other.

Vision of Daniel chapter 2: the Statue: "to take place in the final days"
[Daniel 2:28] circa 604BC

Vision of Daniel 2:31-45

1. Head of fine gold Babylon [vs. 38 Daniel to Babylonian king "you are the golden head"] Babylon destroyed by Persians 539BC
2. Chest and arms of silver Persian Empire.  Alexander the Great begins the conquest of  the Medo-Persian Empire in 335BC. Persians defeated by Alexander the Great in 333 at the Battle of Issus
3. Belly and thighs of bronze Greeks of Alexander the Great.  Greeks split into 4 different kingdoms.  Two of those kingdoms: Greek Egypt and Greek Syria fought for control of Judah.  The 4 Greek kingdoms were conquered by Rome in campaigns from 197-63BC
4. Legs of iron, feet part iron , part clay Romei and her province of Judea.  In the 4th century Rome split into the Western Empire centered in Rome and the Eastern Empire centered in Constantinople [2 legs].  Rome will be conquered by a 5th kingdom
5. The stone that struck the statue - Jesus "the cornerstone" "..the God of heaven will set up a kingdom it will shatter and absorb all the previous kingdoms and itself last forever" [2:44-45].  The Kingdom of Heaven on earth = the New Covenant Churchi

Vision of Daniel 7: the 4 Beasts: [vision circa 555BC]

1. Lion with wings Babylon [Lion with wings was the royal symbol of Babylon]
2. Bear with 3 ribs in its mouth Persians conquer the 3 provinces of Babylon: Lydia in 546BC; Babylon in 539BC; and Egypt in 525BC.
3. Leopard with 4 wings and 4 heads Alexander the Great and his 4 generals who won his victories and who will divide his empire
4. 4th beast with 10 horns Rome with her 10 client kings who rule her 10 provinces [or 10 Caesars from Augustus Caesar and the birth of Christ to Vespasian and the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and the end of the Old Covenant]

Daniel chapter 8: The Ram and the He-Goat: [vision circa 553BC]

Ram with 2 horns The Persian empire was formed from the Medes and the Persians
He-goat with one horn Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire (invasion 336BC; victory at Arbela in 331 BC)
He-goat's one horn becomes 4 Alexander the Great's empire is divided among his 4 generals (323 BC)
The little horn that grows toward the "Land of Splendor" The Seleucid Greeks expanded the empire from Syria to Asia Minor to the Indus River and became the largest of the 4 Greek empires dominating even the Promised Land of the Jews 200-142BC.

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