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Agape Bible Study
The Second Letter of Peter

St. Peter's second letter to the universal Church was written shortly before his death. Unlike his first letter that was written to encourage Christians who were experiencing external persecution, his second letter instructs believers how to respond to internal opposition within the Christian community. St. Peter warns the Church that this internal struggle is being caused by "bold and arrogant" (2:10) false teachers whose "destructive heresies" (2:1) can seduce members of the community into believing false doctrines and into the practice of immoral behavior. Peter stresses the need for growth in the grace and knowledge of Christ as the best antidote for combating error and in developing a mature understanding of the faith through the teaching authority Christ has given His Church. References for the course are found in the Course Bibliography. The Lesson for the week will posted on Tuesday before each class date.
Lesson Number Chapter Description Handouts
Lesson 1 1 - 3 Exhortation to Christian Virtue,
the Condemnation of False Teachers,
and the Assurance of the Second Coming of Christ


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