Charts about the Prophets used by Agape Bible Study Lessons

    The representatives of God to the the people are the prophets.
    The Bible Studies refer to these charts about the representatives of God through links in the lessons.
    As a rule these charts are also supplied as handouts for the classroom studies. For an overview of the Bible Studies please refer to the Bible Studies List

    Correlation of the Visions of Daniel
    Ezekiel's and Daniel's Visions compared to the Visions of Revelation
    Isaiah's Messianic Prophecies
    Miracles of Elijah and Elisha
    Parallels Between Daniel's Visions and Revelation
    Parallels Between Ezekiel's Visions and Revelation
    Prophecies of the Return from Exile
    Prophetic Importance of Jonah in the Gospels
    The Prophet Jeremiah's Prophetic lessons
    Prophets of Yahweh
    Symbolic Images of the Old Testament Prophets
    Visions of the Prophet Daniel


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